Zeiss Lenses

How Does Zeiss Differ?

Zeiss lenses are made of high-index plastic, thinner than all other materials while creating a very high level of clarity. They’re scratch and glare resistant and incredibly durable, making them ideal for everyday wear no matter what your “everyday” entails. With current technology in lens creation, Zeiss is able to significantly reduce the aberrations caused by glass curvature, distortions from thickness variations, and inaccuracy in surface uniformity. Digital design creates a smooth, crisp space to augment your vision and give you the best field of vision possible with corrective lenses, something of which other lenses are woefully incapable.

And suddenly you see more even at night and in low light

Evolving Options

Traditional optics offer glass, plastic, and polycarbonate lenses, and while they all have their merits, they’re all with significant drawbacks. Glass, while offering superior clarity, is heavy and breaks easily, while plastic is durable but often very thick. Polycarbonate reduces thickness and increases durability, but for modern eyewear, you truly need to go with high-index plastic. Zeiss lenses offer the finest high-index lenses that fit the needs of a diverse and practical customer base.

ZEISS sunglass lens solutions – Which type are you?

How Can Zeiss Lenses Help Me?

Zeiss offers a wide range of products for all manner of lifestyles. For those who have varying sight difficulties, there are single- and multi-focal glasses, ensuring both nearsightedness and farsightedness are corrected in the most efficient way possible. For office work with a large amount of overhead light pollution and constantly changing short-distance focus shifting, there are Zeiss Officelens and Digital Lens. They offer superior transition and smooth vision, reducing eyestrain and headaches associated with constantly changing focus and staring at computer screens. Zeiss Wrap and Sports Lenses create up to a 25 degree wraparound to give increased effective peripheral vision, significantly decreasing aberration and errant visual mistakes in your side sight. In addition, the Zeiss Sports line of products is available with UV protection, anti-glare coating, polarization, and self-tinting options, ensuring optimal vision no matter the conditions in which you’re playing.

Making The Change To Functional Fashion

Zeiss eyewear is now offered at Ryan Ranch Optical, and they can help guide you to the perfect pair of lenses for your lifestyle. Whether you live for sports or are driven by the digital age, you can be certain that you’ll get the glasses that fit your way of life.

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